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Alert: InDesign CC 2019 compatibility (April 2019)



  • Gaurav Kumar Gupta

    Hi Caleb,

    Thanks for Information.

    Is it completely safe to move on Indesign CC 2019 server V 14.0.0? or should we wait for untill Indesign CC server 2019 stable version.

    Please suggest.


    Gaurav Gupta

  • Caleb Clauset

    Yes, it’s absolutely safe to install and use Adobe InDesign Server CC 2019 (v14.0.0; the initial release). We have v14.0.0 deployed in our Typefi Cloud infrastructure and are holding off the v14.0.2 upgrade until after Adobe provides an update to the TextWalker.plugin for InDesign Server that corrects this GREP bug.

    InDesign Server is different from InDesign (desktop) in that updates must be manually applied (there is no equivalent to the Creative Cloud desktop application for InDesign Server). So you are in absolute control of when and which updates you apply.


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